A sandbox RPG, still in the making, currently in the beta stage. There is still lots to be done.

-Game Intro/description: Help defend the land of Spud from flesh eating bacon. Collet Bacon Bits from fallen bacon to buy or use vehicles, weapons, pets, and more! Gain respect from fellow bacon hunters with a high score and kill count. Defeat bosses and complete quest.

v1.3 noted updates: -Player max level is now 4 -Sharks! (enemies) -Bacon and Sharks attack each other -Added water visuals with other objects -Added furniture (beds, tables)

v1.2 noted updates: -Added everything to one whole map -New NPC, Morbon the Wrangler -Horses now look like horses -Added a Leveling up function -Enemies now drop Bacon Bits -Added potatoes, for healing Version 1.2 is almost completely designed.

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